Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An Exchange of Energy

Amethyst (August, 2012 by M.A. Reilly)

Sometimes I shoot pictures.  
Sometimes I make images.  
Corn (August, 2012 by M.A. Reilly)

The difference is all about energy. 

Something Like Magic (August, 2012 by M.A. Reilly)
When I make images,
there is a transfer of energy
between the subject and myself. 

Repeating (August, 2012 by M.A. Reilly)
This morning was image-making and I connected with the subject.

A Bird Singing (August, 2012 by M.A. Reilly)
Through the fog, I became the bird singing.


  1. Beautiful!

    Pictures may be worth a 1000 words but your images are beyond words...."through the fog, I became the bird singing" - I am speechless.

    1. Malyn, thank you so muh. A beautiful morning in Maryland. We found the area by making a wrong turn:)


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