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Children's Books Focusing on Special/Exceptional Needs, Strengths and Graces

Picture Books

Anderson, Peggy Perry. 2004. We Go in a Circle. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin.
Altman, Alexandra Jessup. 2008. Waiting for Benjamin: A Story about Autism. Illustrated by
Susan Keeter. Grand Rapids, MI: Albert Whitman  & Company.
Asare, Meshack. 2001. Sosu’s Call. La Jolla, CA: Kane/Miller.
Burton, Linda. 2011. Pay Attention, Emily Brown! Illustrated by Carl Burton. Bethesda, MD: Woodbine House.
Cottin, Menena.  2008. The Black Book of Colors. Illustrated by Rosana Faria. Toronto, ON: Groundwood Books.
Cowen-Fletcher, Jane.  1996. Mama Zooms. New York: Scholastic.
Davis, Patricia. 2000. Brian’s Bird. Illustrated by Layne Johnson. Shen’s Books.
Ely, Lesley. 2004.  Looking After Lewis. Illustrated by Polly Dunbar. Grand Rapids, MI: Albert Whitman  & Company.
Fleming, Virginia. 1993. Be Good to Eddie Lee. New York: Philomel.
Fraustino, Lisa Rowe. 2001. The Hickory Chair. Illustrated by Benny Andrews. New York: Arthur Levine.
Golden, Barbara Diamond. 2010. Cakes and Miracles: A Purim Tale. Illustrated by Jaime Zollars. Tarrytown, NY: Marshall Cavendish.
Greenberg, Jan & Sandra Jordan. 2000. Chuck Close: Up Close. DK Children.
Gregory, Nan. 2002. How Smudge Came. Illustrated by Ron Lightburn. Ontario: Fitzhenry & Whiteside.
Hamilton, Virginia. 2002. Bluish. New York: blue Sky Press.
Harshman, Marc. 1995. The Storm. Illustrated by Mark Mohr. New York: Dutton Juvenile.
Heelan, Jamee Riggio. 2000. Rolling Along: The Story of Taylor and His Wheelchair. Illustrated by Nicola Simmonds. Atlanta, GA: Peachtree,

Herrera, Juan Felipe. 2004. Featherless/Desplumado. San Francisco, CA: Children’s Book Press.
Holub, Joan. 2004. My First Book of Sign Language. New York: Scholastic.
Keats, Ezra Jack. 2004. Louie. New York: Puffin.
Keats, Ezra Jack. 1999. Apt. 3. New York: Puffin.
Kostecki-Shaw, Jenny. 2008. My Travelin Eye. New York: Henry Holt.
Larkin Patricia. 1994. Dad and Me in the Morning. Illustrated by Robert G. Steele. Grand Rapids, MI: Albert Whitman  & Company.
Lears, Laurie. 1998. Ian’s Walk: A Story about Autism. Illustrated by Karen Ritz. Grand Rapids, MI: Albert Whitman  & Company.
Lears, Laura. 2005. Nathan’s Wish: A Story about Cerebral Palsy. Illustrated by Stacey Schuett. Grand Rapids, MI: Albert Whitman  & Company.
Lee, Jeanne M. 1994. Silent Lotus. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux.
Lewis, Beverly. 2007. In Jesse’s Shoes. Illustrated by Laura Nikiel. Bloomington, MN: Bethany House.
Millman, Isaac. 2002. Moses Goes to a Concert. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux.
Moon, Nicola. 1997. Lucy’s Picture. New York: Puffin.
Moss, Marissa. 2002. Amelia Lends a Hand. American Girl.
Osofsky, Audrey. 1994. My Buddy. Illustrated by Ted Rand. New York: Henry Holt.
Peete, Holly Robinson. 2010. My Brother Charlie. Illustrated by Ryan Elizabeth Peete. New York: Scholastic.
Peters, Brian and Paul Howey. 2009. Tic Talk: Living with Tourette Syndrome. Illustrated by  Zachary Wendland. Little Five Star.
Polacco, Patricia. 2001. Thank You, Mr. Falker. New York: Philomel.
Rogers, Fred. 2000. Let’s Talk About It: Extraordinary Friends. New York: Puffin.
Robb, Diane Burton. 2004. The Alphabet War: A Story about Dyslexia. Illustrated by Gail Piazza. Grand Rapids, MI: Albert Whitman  & Company.
from Babu's Song
Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie.2003.  Babu’s Song. Illustrated by Aaron Boyd. New York: Lee & Low.
Thompson, Mary. 1996. Andy and His Yellow Frisbee. Bethesda, MD: Woodbine House.
Uhlberg, Myron. 2005. Dad, Jackie, and Me. Illustrated by Colin Bootman. Atlanta, GA: Peachtree Publishers.
Uhlberg, Myron. 2003. The Printer. Illustrated by Henri Sorenson. Atlanta, GA: Peachtree Publishers.
Woloson, Eliza. 2003. My Friend Isabelle. Illustrated by Bryan Gough. Bethesda, MD: Woodbine House.
Wood, Douglas. 2009. Miss Little’s Gift. Illustrated by Jim Burke. Cambridge MA: Candlewick.
Yolen, Jane. 2009. The Seeing Stick. Illustrated by Daniela Terrazzini. Running Press Kids.

from The Seeing Stick.

Longer Works (Grades 4-8)
Abbott, Tony. 2008. Firegirl. New York: Little, Brown.

Alexander, Sally Hobart & Robert Alexander. 2008. She Touched the World: Laura Bridgman, Deaf-Blind Pioneer. New York: Clarion Books.
Bang, Molly. 2001. Tiger’s Fall. New York: Henry Holt.
Baskin, Nora Raleigh. 2010. Anything But Typical. New York: Simon & Schuster.
Cheaney, J.B. 2008. The Middle of Somewhere. New York: Yearling.
Choldenko, Gennifer. 2006. Al Capone Does My Shirts. New York: Puffin.
Codell, Esme Raji. 2004. Sahara Special. New York: Hyperion.
Draper Sharon. 2010. Out of My Mind. New York: Atheneum.
Erskine, Kathryn. 2011. Mockingbird. New York: Puffin.
Gantos, Jack. 2011. Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key. New York: Square Fish.
Hesse, Karen. 1999. Just Juice. New York: Scholastic.
from The Sound of Colors
Johnson, Angela. 2003. A Cool Moonlight. Illustrated by Kamil Vojnar. New York: Dial.
Kochka, Sarah Adams. 2006. The Boy Who Ate Stars. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Laird, Elizabeth. 2012. Red Sky in the Morning. Haymarket Books.
Lauren, Jill. 2009. That’s Like Me! Star Bright Books.
Liao, Jimmy. 2006. The Sound of Colors. New York: Little, Brown.
Lord, Cynthia. 2006. Rules. New York: Scholastic.
Martin, Ann M. 2004. A Corner of the Universe. New York: Scholastic.
Meyer, Donald Joseph (ed.). 1997. Views from Our Shoes: Growing Up with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs.  Illustrated by Cary Pillo. Bethesda, MD: Woodbine House.
Miller, Sarah. 2010. Miss Spitfire: Reaching Helen Keller. New York: Atheneum.
Porter, Pamela. 2006. The Crazy Man. Toronto, ON: Groundwood Books.
Ray, Delia. 2006.  Singing Hands. New York: Clarion.
Sullivan, George. 2007. Helen Keller: Her Life in Pictures. New York: Scholastic.
Weeks, Sarah. 2004. So B. It. New York: HarperCollins.
Wright, Barbara. 2012. Crow. New York: Random.

Grade 7 and Higher
Abeel, Samantha & Charles R. Murphy. 1994. Reach for the Moon. Pfeofer-Hamilton.

Abeel, Samantha. 2005. My Thirteenth Winter. New York: Scholastic.
Engle, Margarita. 2012. The Wild Book. New York: Harcourt.
Hesser, Terry. 1998. Kissing Doorknobs. New York: Laurel Leaf.
Lowry, Lois. 2013. The Silent Boy. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin.
Mass, Wendy. 2008. A Mango-Shaped Space. New York: Knopf.
Mikaelsen, Ben 2010. Petey. New York: Hyperion.
Mullin Jill. 2012. Drawing Autism. Mark Batty Publisher.
Palacio, R.J. 2012. Wonder. New York: Knopf.
Philbrick, Rodman. 2001. Freak the Mighty. New York: Scholastic.
Rees,Celia. 2000. The Truth Out There. DK Press.
Trueman, Terry. 2004. Cruise Control. New York: HarperTeen
Trueman, Terry. 2000. Stuck in Neutral. New York: HarperCollins.
Zimmer, Tracie Vaughn. 2007. Reaching for the Sun. Bloomsbury.


  1. I think Yolonda's Genius belongs on this list (probably gr.. 4-8). Amazon says: "Nearing the end of first grade, Yolonda's younger brother, Andrew, is still unable to read, and Yolonda's widowed mother worries about him and scoffs at Yolonda's dogged insistence that he is a musical genius."

  2. I have read it years ago and agree. I'll add it to the longer works, although it clearly might be read /read to younger children. Thanks Sue for the recommendation.


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