Saturday, March 10, 2012

13 Ways of Looking at the Sky: Hipstamatic

I was playing today with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app. Here are a few images I made while standing in my yard and looking up.

Beginning of Spring  (Hipstamatic, 3.10.12)

Sky (Hipstamatic, 3.10.12)
Clouds Darkening (Hipstamatic, 3.10.12)
Trees and Sky (Hipstamatic, 3.10.12)

Through Trees (Hipstamatic, 3.10.12)
Roof and Sky (Hipstamatic, 3.10.12)
Geometry (Hipstamatic, 3.10.12)
Breezy (Hipstamatic, 3.10.12)
Almost Spring (Hipstamatic, 3.10.12)
Reckless (Hipstamatic, 3.10.12)
A Tangle of Limbs (Hipstamatic, 3.10.12)
Crossed-Wires (Hipstamatic, 3.10.12)
Coming on Night (Hipstamatic, 3.10.12)


  1. Mary Ann,
    Your work always intrigues me. Thanks for sharing once again. I appreciate that you challenge me to look at the ordinary around me in new ways. I think I may explore Hipstamatic.

  2. Thanks Cathy. I love the Hipstamatic app--really it was one of the reasons I wanted an iPhone. Very quirky.


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