Friday, January 27, 2012

CrowdSourcingLove: Day 2 - The Dance

Note: As a lead in to Valentine's Day I have been posting some ways that convey I love you that do not rely on purchasing gifts and I have invited you to do the same where you blog.  If you make a post could you link it to this post?  At the end of two weeks I am curious as to what interconnected posts about love we might make collectively.

The Dance (January 2011, by M.A. Reilly)

Somewhere, someone is waiting for you to dance.
They may be wanting to join you.
They may be unsure.
They may be wanting just to watch.

You will need to be bold.

This is a gift you give yourself.
A kind of tempered abandon.
When you can do so with another, true love.

There's a lake, frozen just waiting for you to step out on or perhaps you are in a city and it's the laundromat which will be your backdrop.

It doesn't matter. 

You may be footloose, dancing down a staircase, dancing & singing in the rain, or you may be forging a new way to walk, or or a new way come down the aisle, or a new way to be presidential,perhaps you want to be dancing cheek to cheek, or perhaps you are kindling a desire to dance in the dark, or to wait for moonlight for a moondance (if so, full moon on Feb 7).
Maybe you want to dance with a crowd? Or parallel dance? Or dance dreamy in a diner or bold in a bowling alley. All you need to do is hear it, feel it, so that it's easy to move your feet

the only question 
is who will you share 
this dance of love with?

be cool.
be real.
be you.

and don't forget to have some fun.


  1. W-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l post! Putting my red shoes on and...dancing!

  2. So glad. Love this scene from Pulp Fiction. Ultimate cool scene. The David Bowie is an added extra:)

  3. wonderful! mine's story telling
    Crowdsourcing Love . . . with Mary Ann Reilly (2) - Jolie B Studios

    1. Beautiful image and sentiment, Jolie. Thanks so much for playing.


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