Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Year of Sundays: November - December 2010

What might a year of Sundays look like? I have been wondering about this for awhile and decided to set myself an assignment. Every Sunday, since the beginning of November,  I have set out early in the morning to make an image of ordinary life.

During the month of November all of the images were made in the early morning and the majority of images were taken in Manhattan, mostly in Harlem. In December images were made in Harlem, midtown Manhattan, Paterson, NJ and Ringwood, NJ.

Salvation & Deliverance. (Harlem, NY). 12.16.10

125th Street (Harlem, NYC) 12.16.10

December's End. (Paterson, NJ). 12.16.10

The Apollo. (Harlem, NY) 12.16.10

After Christmas. (Harlem, NYC) 12.26.10

At Rockefeller Center. (Manhattan, NYC). 12.19.10

Salvation. (Harlem, NYC). 12.19.10

Out Walking II. (Manhattan, NYC). 12.19.10

Rain and Light. (Ringwood, NJ) 12.12.10
Leaving. (Paterson, NJ) 12.5.10
Sisyphus. (Paterson, NJ) 12.5.10.

Ain't I a Woman? (Paterson, NJ) 12.5.10.

God's in the House (Harlem, NYC) 11.28.10.

Church.  (Harlem, NYC) 11.28.10.

Out Walking.  (Harlem, NYC) 11.28.10.
Wall Street. (NYC). 11.21.10
The East River. (NYC). 11.21.10
Spanish Harlem, Sunday Morning III. (NYC) 11.14.10

Spanish Harlem, Sunday Morning. (NYC) 11.14.10
Three at the Beach. (Avon at the Sea, NJ) 11.7.10


  1. I could try words, and I'd get it all wrong.

    Your photos twist my worldview, change who I am, but I cannot describe how without sounding like a blithering idiot.

    Powerful stuff.


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