Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spanish Harlem, Sunday Morning

On our way to visit a friend in Manhattan last night Rob and I got off the FDR at 155th Street exit and traveled by street to our destination. The sights I saw in the dark interested me and not having a camera nor the time to stop, I decided to revisit this morning.

This series of images I have titled: Spanish Harlem, Sunday Morning. I enjoyed the ordinariness of the morning: people on their way to church, talking on cell phones, the loveliness and intensity of urban architecture, the contrast of oranges and blue.  No matter how often I am in Manhattan, it is always eye opening.

Spanish Harlem, Sunday Morning, I. Nikon D300. 11.14.10

Spanish Harlem, Sunday Morning, II. Nikon D300. 11.14.10
Spanish Harlem, Sunday Morning, III. Nikon D300. 11.14.10
Spanish Harlem, Sunday Morning, IV. Nikon D300. 11.14.10
Spanish Harlem, Sunday Morning, V. Nikon D300. 11.14.10

Spilling. Nikon D300. 11.14.10

A Train. Nikon D300. 11.14.10


  1. Can't find the words. If you were within striking distance, I would simply hug you.

  2. Thank you Diane and Dorothy. your comments made me smile. Not always sure when I post up work from one day how it will be received. A joy to shoot in Manhattan, especially Uptown.

  3. Love them, I actually thought at first that these were paintings !!! What type of filters or post production are you using. Amazing !!

  4. Some images are as shot. No filters. Others are blended images (two photographs joined together). One to add texture and one as image. I also played around with clarity.

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