Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#SOL16: What Will We Make Of This Day?

From my art journal, May 17 2016 (Gesso primer, gouache paints, digital print)

I was reading the poem, "Long Point Light" by Mark Doty and I was so taken by the closing lines of the poem.  

"...Here is the world you asked for,
    gorgeous and opportune,

here is nine o'clock, harbor-wide,
  and a glinting code: promise and warning.
    The morning's the size of heaven.

What will you do with it?"

It spoke to me and I wanted to represent how I was feeling, so I opened my art journal, selected some gouache paints to mix, wet both pages, and began to paint. 

I like the unfinished quality of the work. I appreciate how this two-page spread is imperfect--as if it too knew instinctively that the world before it is unfinalized, open to interpretation and actions.  

And as I reread Doty's words I could not help but think of Rob's earlier ones to me that he uttered last February from his hospital bed, "Live brilliantly."

Each day helps me to better understand that two-word phrase. This day is before me and the morning is the size of heaven. 

This morning is before you, too.  What will each of us will make of it?  

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