Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Poetry Break: Archeology

What Felled You Is Important (M.A. Reilly, South Dakota, 2010)


  -  Adrian C. Louis

We turned our backs & spit
out the medicine of salvation.
We let the sun melt us in a
sweet conspiracy of heat.

Liquefied, we seeped
under white, alkaline soil
& shrugged when wagon
train wheels rolled over us.
We arose, dusted ourselves
off, but we’d been mottled
& mutated. We spoke
a strange, new language
like mashed potatoes
with their skins left on.
We began to whisper
lies to our children &
they turned on us.

Love the Distant Roar 

 by Adrian Louis

Love all the train wrecks
in savage rearview mirrors.
Love any hush of sadness,
any dark breath made from
the bullying glee of accomplices
who have sold their half-hearted
kisses for treaties, for crystal meth,
for love & resurrection, whatever,
whatever it takes to survive.
Love the contrivance of bells
heralding any small healing.
Love the distant roar
of the skin you’re in.
Love the distant roar
of the sin you’ve been.
–from Savage Sunsets, 2012, West End Press

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