Sunday, August 3, 2014

20+ Soon-To-Be Published Picture Books I Can't Wait to Read

Picture Books

  1. Bang, Molly. (2014). Buried Sunlight: How Fossil Fuels Have Changed the EarthNew York: The Blue Sky Press.
  2. Becker, Aaron. (2014). Quest. Somerville, MA: Candlewick Press.
  3. Bertier, Anne. (2014). Wednesday. Brooklyn, NY: Enchanted Lion Books. 
    from Flashlight.
  4. Boyd, Lizzie. (2014). Flashlight. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books.
  5. Browne, Anthony. (2014). What If...? Somerville, MA: Candlewick Press.
  6. Burleigh, Robert. (2014). Edward Hopper Paints His World. Illustrated by Wendell Minor. New York: Henry Holt & Company.
    from Draw.
  7. Colón, Raúl. (2014). Draw. New York: Paula Wiseman Books.
  8. Copeland, Misty. (2014). Firebird. Illustrated by Christopher Myers. New York: Putnam Juvenile. 

  9. Dillon, Leo & Diane. (2014). If Kids Ran the World. New York: The Blue Sky Press.
  10. Escoffier, Michaël. (2014). Take Away the A. Illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo. Brooklyn, NY: Enchanted Lion Books.
  11. Herrera, Juan Felipe. (2014). Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes. Illustrated by Raul Colon. New York: Dial.
  12. Jeffers, Oliver. (2014). Once Upon an Alphabet: Short Stories for All the Letters. New York: Philomel. 
    from Sequoia.
  13. Johnston, Tony. (2014). Sequoia. Illustrated by Wendell Minor. New York: Roaring Brook Press.
  14. Luján, Jorge. (2014). Moví la mano / I Moved My Hand.  Illustrated by Mandana Sadat. Translated by Elisa Amado. Toronto, ON: Groundwood Books. 
    from  Hello, I'm Johnny Cash.
  15. Neri, G. (2014). Hello, I'm Johnny Cash. Illustrated by A.G. Ford. Somerville, MA: Candlewick Press.
  16. Novak, B.J. (2014). The Book with No Pictures. New York: Dial.
  17. Oskarsson, Bárdur. (2014).  The Flat Rabbit. Translated by Marita Thomsen. Toronto, ON: Owlkids Books.
  18. Powers, J.L.  &  George Mendoza. (2014). Colors of the Wind: The Story of Blind Artist and Champion Runner George Mendoza. Illustrated by Hayley Morgan-Sanders. Cynthiana, KY: Purple House Press.
  19. Radunsky, Vladimir & Chris Raschka. (2014). Alphabetabum: An Album of Rare Photographs and Medium Verses.  New York: NYR Children's Collection. 

  20. Roberts, Justin. (2014).  The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade. Illustrated by Christian Robinson. New York: Putnam Juvenile.
  21. Sisson, Stephanie Ross. (2014). Star Stuff: Carl Sagan and the Mysteries of the Cosmos. New York: Roaring Brook Press.

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