#100 Day Project Creativity - 2017, Part 2 Days 26-50

I am participating in the #100DayProject Creativity. Each day for no more than 20 minutes I will compose a face. To do this I might sketch, paint, collage, photograph, and/or digitally compose. I will be posting the image, date, media on the page. In 2014, I spent 100 days making a collage a day based on the news--most often from the New York Times. (You can see that project here and here) .

Below are Days 26 - 50.

Day 50 (Black and white photograph, Ringwood, NJ, 5.20.17)

Day 49 (Watercolor, acrylic, Tombow markers,ink, Stabilo pencil 5.19.17)

Day 48 (acrylic,  markers,  ink, Stabilo pencil 5.17.17)

Day 47 (Watercolor, acrylic, Tombow markers, tissue paper, ink, Stabilo pencil 5.17.17)

Day 46 (Watercolor, acrylic, marker, ink pencil, 5.16.17)

Day 45 (Watercolor, acrylic, marker, pencil, 5.15.17)
Day 44 (Watercolor, marker, 5.14.17)

Day 43 (Black and white photograph, Tuscany 5.14.17)

Day 42 (Black and white photograph, Dublin Ireland, 5.13.17)

Day 41 (Dublin, Ireland, 5.12.17)

Day 40 (collage materials, stabilo pencil, watercolor, 5.11.17)

Day 39 (mixed media collage, 5.10.17)
Day 38 (charcoal, pencils, digital remix, 5.9.17)

Day 37 5.10.17 (watercolor, marker) 

Day 36 5.9.17 (watercolor, pencil, digital remix) 

Day 35 (5.8.17, marker and texture)

Day 34, 5.8.27 (pencil, gesso background)

Day 33, 5.7.27 (pencil, acrylic paint, charcoal, pen, markers, papers, digital remix)

Day 32, 5.6.27 (pencil, acrylic paint, pen, markers,)

Day 31, 5.5.27 (pencil,  watercolor, markers, digital remix)

Day 30, 5.4.27 (pencil, charcoal, pen, markers, digital remix)

Day 29, 5.3.17 (Watercolor pencil)

Day 28, 5.2.17 (Stabilo pencil, Tombow markers, tissue paper on a page in my art journal that had gesso and acrylic paint on it)

Day 27:  (watercolor, acrylic, marker, digital remix, May 1, 2017)

Day 26: There is a Voice That Doesn't Use Words (watercolor, acrylic, marker, digital remix, April 30, 2017)


  1. Mary Ann, some of these are so evocative. Would you like to offer one of your digital compositions to my gallery, #Springsations?


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