Sunday, April 11, 2021

Painting Creates Focused Energy

Making art helps me to keenly focus. Whether it is with a camera, a paintbrush, pencils, or digitally—I get lost in the work for hours. I need this. Here are a few recent works and some re”found” work. 

“Sisters” (gesso, acrylic, crayon, found papers, Stabilo pencils, white marker, 2021)

“Old Man” (acrylic paint, digital manipulation)

Untitled (watercolor, Stabilo pencil, found papers, crossword puzzle, tissue, digital manipulation, 2021)

Two pages in journal ( gesso, acrylic paint, 2021)

untitled (gesso, acrylic paste, Stabilo pencil)

“Dreaming of Kurt Schwitters” (collage, torn paper, acrylic, newspaper, found papers, digital manipulation) 

“Unmoored” (watercolor, marker, acrylic

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