Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Foggy Morning in Manhattan

These were images I made while riding the ferry into New York from New Jersey last Thursday.  It has been too long since I spent a day making images. Hope you enjoy.

Deep Fog (March 2021)

Ferry Arriving (March 2021)

NYC Skyline (March 2021)

Approaching Manhattan (March 2021)

Midtown (March 2021)

Hudson River and Statue of Liberty (March 2021)

Pier (March 2021)

Hudson River Shoreline (March 2021)

Hoboken Clock Tower (March 2021)

Hoboken Clock Tower from High Line (March 2021)


  1. Mary Ann! You hoped that we would enjoy? Sure did - these pictures are wonderful, did my heart good to see them today. Mags

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