Saturday, April 11, 2020

#SOL20 - Painting: Notes from the Pandemic

Warrior (M.A. Reilly, 4.11.20, mixed media & Digital remix) 


This morning I was online and read a tweet by @pammoran:

I often turn to Pam for truth and wisdom.

So simple. Write down what matters most on this day and reference it for years to come.


Like you, I make meaning in ways that make sense to me. This morning found me waking from vivid dreams of painting. What felt like all night, I saw lines, colors, words, mark making. I have been dreaming about painting since I became homebound. 

I began the painting at the top a while ago (more than a year) and returned to it this morning. I worked with Tombow markers, acrylic, pencils, ink, white marker, gesso, found papers, and then digitally remixed (on my phone). 

It's been so long since I made anything.


Write down what matters most. 

Sometimes writing takes place with paint, found words, black marks, and gesso. Sometimes writing happens here in the digital ethos. Sometimes we write with our voices.

What remains constant is that what matters most is fluid. I had not known that as I began to write this. What matters most is fluid. Way leads on to way. The rhizome rises again.

How our ideas find expression is the way paint moves across paper like intention does across time.

Everything living moves. That may be one truth to hold during these times of overt uncertainty. Everything living moves.


What matters most now is paying attention to the slippages. That's my warrior moment.  What is slipping from my hands right now?

Right now.


  1. Thank you Mary Ann. Truth and Beauty and Now and Then and here and there and your
    writing and painting open doors and tear down walls and are presents and so thank you.

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