Thursday, August 2, 2018

Beginning School Year Resources for Kindergarten: Individual Letter Books

These are such great alphabet printables! Each ABC book comes with 7 bright photographs. And they're FREE!
Individual Letter Books from The Measured Mom site
I. Individual Letter Books

I love using individual letter books in primary classrooms, especially kindergarten. I have a collection of letter books culled across many years of teaching.  Finding commercial books can be challenging and expensive.

 I was delighted to find at The Measured Mom site a collection of letter books that can be printed.  This is a dynamite resource.  Students can learn book handling skills by reading these books and they also are excellent for supporting oral language growth, knowledge development, and cross checking behavior for more advanced readers.

One way I might make use of the free books from Measured Mom is to use her books as a template and create my own set of books that more closely match the knowledge I am interested in helping children acquire. It would also allow me to differentiate more familiar objects for students who are struggling to learn the alphabet.


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