Wednesday, September 7, 2016

#SOL16: Sunflower

sunflower (Hipstamatic, 2014)

The way they bend as if gravity exerted too much force on already heavy heads.  More Degas's ballerinas bending at the barre, than strong stemmed beauties.

More prayer than hope.

In the suburbs, sunflowers are planted with spaces between that are too great. Distance is no friend. It is just a quick tumble to earth.


Last summer in Provence we passed field after field of crowded yellow petals clumped together like sentries: sunflowers standing side-by-side, heads angled towards the sun.


Gravity bends. It bows even the tenacious. Light falling across petals, curved by intention.

Everything falls apart.
It's how we come together that matters.


  1. Soon after our son was released from a hospital for extreme depression, we travelled as a family to Provence. We visited Van Gogh's hospital at St. Remy, and my son said something very similar to what you wrote:
    "Everything falls apart.
    It's how we come together that matters."
    And I remember thinking...he is well again.
    Hope and prayer - we need them both.

    1. Wow. Imagine that? It's a deeply spiritual place.


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