Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Come On Congress: Do The Right Thing!

from my art journal, 6.15.16 (acrylic paint, gouache paint, digital manipulation of text type copied from Mother Jones)

Is it possible for our Congressional representatives to do the right thing and ensure our safety?  Come on Congress turn your back on the NRA and do the right thing--the job we elected you to do.  So proud of Senator Cory Booker from NJ, Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut, Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, and Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia and other Democratic senators who are bringing the gun debate to the senate floor.

We can help.  We can use the power of the vote.  Friends, it is imperative to vote out our Congressional representatives who fail to stand up for us, but rather are in bed with the NRA. Shame on them.

For me that means working hard to ensure that Representative Scott Garrett from the 5th Congressional District is not re-elected. He has an A-rating (93%) from the NRA. An A rating.   Instead I will be voting for Josh Gottheimer in November.   We cannot wait for Congress to do what is the right and rational thing to do.

We can do this.  Check out your representatives' NRA Rating.  You want to see an F rating.  Here's a link. Just scroll to find your state.

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