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Making Knowledge through Interactive Read Alouds in Kindergarten: New E-Book

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I have revised and added the full set of read aloud units for kindergarten.  This e-book, Making Knowledge through Interactive Read Alouds in Kindergarten is now available for download through iTunes. 

It is book #10.

The book contains 8 units of study: 
  1. Concept Books
  2. Neighborhoods
  3. Giving Thanks
  4. Traditional Stories and Grain
  5. All About Trees
  6. Water
  7. Reading and Libraries
  8. Contemporary Stories

 There is also an introduction now that lists the unit, text, learning strategy and reading/writing focus so that you can see the learning strategies that are used across the text and what they target (comprehension, vocabulary, writing in response to text)

There was great care taken in the selection of texts.  As such, the books represent a range of topics and people. 

These are the books by Unit.

Unit 1: Concept Books
from Unit 1
  1. Bruchac, Joseph. (2004). Many Nations: An Alphabet of Native America. Illustrated by Robert F. Goetzl.  New York: Scholastic. (580L)
  2. Burns, Marilyn. (2008). The Greedy Triangle. Illustrated by Gordon Silveria. New York: Scholastic.  (580L)
  3. Cotten, Cynthia. (2002). At the Edge of the Woods: A Counting Book. Illustrated by Reg Cartwright. New York: Henry Holt. (No Lexile)
  4. Demarest, Chris L. (2003). Firefighters A to Z. New York: Aladdin. (310L)
  5. Falwell, Cathryn. (2013). Rainbow Stew. New York: Lee and Low Books. (740L)
  6. Houblon, Marie. (2009). A World of Colors: Seeing Colors in a New Way. Washington D.C.: National Geographic. (No Lexile)
  7. Jenkins, Steve. (2004). Actual Size. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. (1080L)
  8. Thong, Roseanne.(2000). Round is a Mooncake: A Book of Shapes. Illustrated by Grace Lin. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books. (No Lexile)

Unit 2: Neighborhoods
Page from Unit 2
  1. Croza, Laurel. (2010). I Know Here. Illustrated by Matt James. Toronto, ON: Groundwood Books. (760L)
  2. Cumpiano, Ina. (2009). Quinito's Neighborhood/El Vecindario de Quinito. Illustrated by Jose Ramirez. New York: Lee and Low Books. (490L)
  3. Fine, Edith Hope and  Angela Halpin. (2010). Water, Weed and Wait. Illustrated by “Colleen M. Madden. San Francisco, CA: Tricycle Press. (No Lexile).
  4. Kalman, Bobbie. (2000). What is a Community? From A to Z.  New York: Crabtree Publishing. (680L)
  5. Shewchuk Pat. (2013). In Lucia’s Neighborhood. Illustrated by Marek Colek. Tonawanda, NY: Kids Can Press. (360L)
  6. Watson, Renée. (2010). A Place Where Hurricanes Happen. Illustrated by Shadra Strickland. New York: Random House. (No Lexile)
Unit 3: Giving Thanks
from Unit 3
  1. Delacre, Lulu. (2013). How Far Do You Love Me? New York: Lee and Low Books. (800L)
  2. Glaser, Linda. (2010). Emma’s Poem. Illustrated by Claire A. Nivola. Orlando, FL: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. (790L)
  3. Mora, Pat. (2009). Gracias / Thanks. Illustrated by John Parra. Nee York: Lee and Low Books. (1040L)
  4. Swamp, Chief Jake (Mohawk). (2005). Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message.  Illustrated by Erwin Printup, Jr. (Cayuga/Tuscarora). New York: Lee and Low Books. (660L)
  5. Swamp, Chief Jake (Mohawk). (2005). Gracias Te Damos: Una Ofrenda De Los Nativos Americanos Al Amanecer De Cada Dia. Illustrated by Erwin Printup, Jr. (Cayuga/Tuscarora). New York: Lee and Low Books. (660L)

Unit 4: Traditional Stories and Grains
from Unit 4
  1. 1. Galdone, Paul . (1985 ). The Little Red Hen. New York: Sandpiper. (550L)
  2. Gershator, David and Phillis Gershator. (1998). Bread is for Eating. Illustrated by Emma Shaw-Smith. New York: Henry Holt. (450L)
  3. Hairston, Meredith. (2011). Little Red Hen. Illustrated by Jes Golden. Digital Story/Video. Retrieved 12.31.12 from: 
  4. Paulsen, Gary. (1998). The Tortilla Factory. Illustrated by Ruth W. Paulsen.  New York: Sandpiper. (550L)
  5. Sturges, Philemon. (2002). The Little Red Hen Makes Pizza. Illustrated by Amy Walrod. New York: Puffin. (320L)

Unit 5: All About Trees 

from Unit 5
  1. Depalma, Mary Newell. (2005). A Grand Old Tree. New York: Arthur A. Levine Books. (460L)
  2. Gerber, Carole. (2009). Winter Trees. Illustrated by Leslie Evans.  Watertown, MA: Charlesbridge. (760L)
  3. Miller, Debbie S. (2002). Are Trees Alive? Illustrated by Stacey Schuett. New York: Walker & Company. (640L)
  4. Muldrow, Diane. (2010). We Planted a Tree. Illustrated by Bob Staake. New York: Random House. (620L)
  5. Pallotta, Jerry (2010). Who Will Plant a Tree? Illustrated by Tom Leonard. Ann Arbor, MI: Sleeping Bear Press. (No Lexile)
  6. Winter, Jeanette. (2008). Wangari's Trees of Peace. Orlando, FL: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (730L)

Unit 6: Water 
from Unit 6
  1. Asch, Frank. (2000). Water. Orlando, FL: Harcourt. (140L)
  2. Cobb, Vicki. ( 2002). I Get Wet.  Illustrated by Julia Gorton. New York: HarperCollins. (No Lexile).
  3. Lyon, George Ella. (2011). All the Water in the World. Illustrated by Katherine Tillotson. New York: Atheneum/Richard Jackson Books. (520L)
  4. Sweet, Melissa. (2008). When Rain Falls. Illustrated by  Constance Bergum. Atlanta, GA: Peachtree Publishers. (No Lexile).

Unit 7. Libraries and Reading 
from Unit 7

  1. Gonzalez, Lucia. (2008). The Storyteller’s Candle: La velita de los cuentos. Illustrated by Lulu Delacre, San Francisco, CA: Children’s Book Press. (730 L)
  2. Hest, Amy. (2007). Mr. George Baker. Illustrated by John J. Muth. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Books. (520L)
  3. Mora, Pat. (2000). Tomas and the Library Lady. Illustrated by Raul Colon. New York: Dragonfly Books. (440L)
  4. Ruurs, Margaret. (2005). My Librarian is a Camel: How Books are Brought Around the World. Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mills Press. (980L)
  5. Winter, Jeanette. (2005/2012).  The Librarian of Basra (Digital Version). Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Retrieved 12.31,12 from: 

Unit 8: Contemporary Stories
from Unit 8

  1. Harjo, Joy (Muskogee-Creek). (2000). The Good Luck Cat. Illustrated by Paul Lee. Orlando, FL: Harcourt. (540L)
  2. Falwell, Cathryn. (2005). David’s Drawings. New York: Lee & Low. (150L)
  3. Herrera, Juan Felipe.(2004). Featherless/ Desplumado. Illustrated by Ernesto Cuevas, Jr. New York: Lee & Low. (No Lexile)
  4. Krishnaswami , Uma. (2006).  Bringing Asha Home. Illustrated by Jamel Akib. New York: Lee and Low Books. (560L)
  5. Smith, Cynthia Leitich (Muscogee [Creek] Nation). (2000). Jingle Dancer. Illustrated by  Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu. New York: HarperCollins. (710L)
  6. Sockabasin, Allen (Passamaquoddy). (2005 ). Thanks to the Animals. Illustrated by Rebekah Raye. Gardiner, ME: Tilbury House Publishers. (700L)
  7. Tafolla, Carmen. (2009). What Can You Do With a Paleta? / ¿Qué puedes hacer con una paleta? Illustrated by Magaly Morales. Berkeley, CA: Tricycle Press. (No Lexile)
  8. Tafolla, Carmen. (2012). What Can You Do With a Paleta? / ¿Qué puedes hacer con una paleta? (Digital Version) Illustrated by Magaly Morales. Berkeley, CA: Tricycle Press. Retrieved 5.1.15.

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