Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3 Minutes of Video You Must Watch

My mom, Catherine, on her wedding day.
I. Entering

My friend Robyn sends a link via email with a brief note to watch a video.  He's been doing improv work with medical students and a former student sent him the link.

3 minutes. Yeah I can work that in.

II. Remembering

My mom was asymptomatic when she was diagnosed with lung and liver cancer. She had some type of required screening done prior to cataract surgery that revealed these growths. Her spirit was crushed with the diagnosis that she had advanced stage cancer in her lungs and her liver. This is a woman who 30 years earlier had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and beat it. This time though, my mom would be dead 10 months later.

III. Dwelling

The film, If Only for a Second, is about human spirit and human bodies--how our spirit resides within and beyond our physical selves.  It is a brave and spirited work and one that having lived alongside my mom while she succumbed to cancer speaks to me.

Please make/take three minutes to watch it.  I know my next contribution will be to the Mimi Foundation. They so get the largeness of spirit.

Here's a link to the website.


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