Monday, December 10, 2012

Art and Problem Solving: Freshmen Experience Meets Sol Lewitt

Students Working on Art (Image by J. Madden)

Last week I had dinner with John Madden (@Ahab6633), a staff developer and English teacher at Morristown High School in NJ where I learned more about the freshmen experience that he and technology supervisor, Scott Klepesch (@shklepesch) created this summer.  John and Danielle Firavanti (also an English teacher) enacted this 3-week project this fall with 100 freshmen as a means to introduce the students to the high school and to create occasions for the students to work together to problem solve, communicate, and make art.

Here is a brief video that outlines the project and shows portions of the finished 8' x 40' art work students composed. Students incorporated aspects of the project in their humanities (English and history) and physics courses.

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