Thursday, November 1, 2012

The GOP - Beautiful Plumage and Still Dead

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My friend Michael writes:
I still believe that Romney is a lot more Republican than Tea Party and that, in a sad, scary, Faustian-pact sort of way he just did what he had to do in order to get the nomination and save the GOP from the Goldwater-sized debacle that would have ensued had we nominated, say, Santorum, thereby leaving the party to roam 40 more years in the desert….
I think Michael's right about Mitt and Faust. 

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Michael's a Republican (and like I said, a good friend) and is still determining who he will vote for in the presidential election.  Michael's conundrum is that he hasn't found a way to accept that the party whose values he believes in is gone. 

(Michael, think parrot sketch in Monty Python. Your GOP ain't just stunned, they're expired and gone on to meet their maker. Beautiful plumage and all).

I too mourn the demise of the Republican party, not because I share their former or current values, but rather, because democracies work better with choices and this tea party crew's single consistency is that they would limit choice for most Americans and do so with a rather sickening glee. 

So is voting for Mitt a vote for the Devil?

Ladies, if Michael is right and Mitt Romney has sold his soul in some GOP Faustian drama, remember that in Goethe's tale, Gretchen still gets screwed.  Her life still ends and yes she may enter heaven, but she has all choice taken from her (sound familiar?).  

Folks, any man willing to sell his soul to the Devil to get to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has not earned your respect and surely not your vote. 


  1. Interesting post, Mary Ann (and friend ;-). I completely agree with you, but my puzzle is still somewhat different.

    What if, just what if, a man sells his soul to the Devil in order to prevent the complete devastation of something valuable like, say, real Republican principles? Is he worthy of respect then?

    I have no idea if that's what Mitt's done (at best it's likely a combination of both your version and mine), but I'm not convinced one way or the other... yet...

    1. I don't share your optimism about Romney. To me he epitomizes a man sickened by power. The deal with the devil? Done. And not for anything as noble as the preservation of an ideology. He's just one more mega-wealthy elite whose life style distances him from the very people he would SERVE as president. Frankly, I am tired of the parade of out of touch rich guys who are pandered to.

      He dresses better than Donald Trump, but beneath the clothes? The same sickness pervades.

  2. His choice of a running mate says it all--Ryan still stuck in his adolescent love for Ayn Rand. I don't want to live in an every-man-out-for-himself world.


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