Thursday, February 2, 2012

Picture Books About Scientists & The Scientific Process for K-2 Children

Aldrin, Buzz. 2005. Reaching for the Moon. Paintings by Wendell Minor. New York: Harper Collins.   

Bardoe. Cheryl. 2006. Gregor Mendel: The Friar Who Grew Peas. Illustrated by Jos. A. Smith. NY: Abrams.

Brown, Don. 2003. Rare Treasure: Mary Anning and Her Remarkable Discoveries. NY: Sandpiper.

Bruchac, Joseph. 2004. Rachel Carson: Preserving a Sense of Wonder. Illustrated by Thomas Locker. Golden, CO: Fulcrum Publishing.

Burleigh, Robert. 2009. One Giant Leap. Illustrated by Mike Wimmer. NY: Philomel.

Engle, Margarita. 2010. Summer Birds: The Butterflies of Maria Merian. Illustrated by Julie Paschkis. NY: Henry Holt.

Holub, Joan. 2006. The Man Who Named Clouds. Illustrated by Paige Billin-Frye. Morton Grove, IL: Albert Whitman & Company.

Heroes of the EnvironmentHurst, Carol Otis. 2001. Rocks in His Head. Illustrated by James Stevenson. NY: Greenwillow.

Locker, Thomas. 2010. John Muir: American Naturalist. Golden, CO: Fulcrum Publishing.

Martin, Jacqueline Briggs. 1998. Snowflake Bentley. Illustrated by Mary Azarian. Houghton Mifflin.

Mortensen, Lori. 2010. Come See the Earth Turn: The Story of Leon Foucault. Illustrated by Raul Allen. San Francisco, CA: Tricycle Press.

Nivola, Claire A. 2008. Planting the Trees of Kenya: The Story of Wangari Maathai. NY: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux.

Paul, Ann Whitford. 1999. All By Herself. Illustrated by Michael Sterinagle. Orlando, FL: Harcourt.

Pinkney, Andrea. 1998. Dear Benjamin Banneker. Illustrated by Brian Pinkney. NY: Sandpiper.

Ray, Deborah Kogan. 2004. The Flower Hunter: William Bartram, America’s First Naturalist. London: Frances Foster Books.

The Watcher: Jane Goodall's Life with the ChimpsRohmer, Harriet, Ed. 2009. Heroes of the Environment: True Stories of People Who Are Helping to Protect Our Planet. Illustrated by Julie McLaughlin. San Francisco, A: Chronicle Books.

Stone, Jerry. 2009. One Small Step: Celebrating the First Men on the Moon. CT: Roaring Brook Press.

Winter, Jeanette. 2011. The Watcher: Jane Goodall's Life with Chimps. NY: Schwartz & Wade. 

-------------------. 2008. Wangari’s Trees of Peace: A True Story from Africa. Orlando, FL: Houghton Mifflin.

Scientific Process (Observe; Compare; Sort & Organize; wonder, predict, hypothesize; Experiment, test, Explore; Infer & record results to represent understanding; Extend, Expand & Apply)

What's Going On?: Collecting and Recording Your Data (Step Into Science)Burns, Kylie. 2010. What's Going On? Collecting and Recording Your Data. NY: Crabtree Publishing Company.

--------------. 2010. What's Your Problem? How to Start Your Scientific InvestigationNY: Crabtree Publishing Company.

Challen, Paul. 2009. What's Going to Happen?: Making Your Hypothesis. NY: Crabtree Publishing Company.

Dotlic, Rebcca Kai. 2006. What is Science? Illustrated by Sachiko Toshikawa. NY: Henry Holt.

Doudna, Kelly. 2006. We Are Wise, Let's Hypothesize. NY: SandCastle.

Hyde, Natalie. 2009. What's the Plan? Designing Your Experiment. NY: Crabtree Publishing Company.

Johnson, Robin. 2010. What Do We Know? Drawing Conclusions and Answering Questions. NY: Crabtree Publishing Company.

Lehn, Barbara. 1999. What is a Scientist? Photographs by Carol Krauss.Minneapolis, MN: Millbrook.

Lionni, Leo. 1974. Fish is Fish. NY: Dragonfly Books.
Rusch, Elizabeth. 2007. Will It Blow? Illustrated by K.E. Lewis. Seattle, WA: Sasquatch Books.
Serafini, Frank. 2008. Looking Closely Across the Desert. Tonawanda, NY: Kids Can Press.

------------------. 2008. Looking Closely Along the Shore. Tonawanda, NY: Kids Can Press.

------------------. 2008. Looking Closely Around the Pond. Tonawanda, NY: Kids Can Press.

------------------. 2008. Looking Closely in the Rain Forest. Tonawanda, NY: Kids Can Press.

------------------. 2008. Looking Closely Inside the Garden. Tonawanda, NY: Kids Can Press.

------------------. 2008. Looking Closely Through the Forest. Tonawanda, NY: Kids Can Press.

Shower, Paul. 1993. The Listening Walk. Illustrations by Aliki. NY: HarperCollins.




  1. Hurrah! Art and Science are a fabulous combination... Thank you for putting this list together!

  2. Lots of other lists on the blog too for that age group. Search book lists on the blog and you'll get a lot of recommendations.

    Thanks for taking a look:)


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