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Books for Grade 6

Mirror and Window Books
Totally Joe by James Howe: Book CoverBegay, Shonto (Dine) 1995. Navajo: Visions and Voices Across the Mesa. NY: Scholastic.
Bruchac, Joseph. 2001. The Heart of a Chief. New York: Puffin.
Curtis, Christopher Paul. 2000. The Watsons Go to Birmingham, 1963. New York:  Laurel Leaf.
Erskine, Kathryn. 2011. Mockingbird. NY: Puffin.
Grimes, Nikki. 2000. Jazmin’s Notebook. New York: Puffin.
Harvath, Polly. 2011. Northward to the Moon. Toronto: Groundwood Books.
Howe, James. 2005. Totally Joe. NY: Ginee Seo Books.
Park, Linda Sue. 2006. Archer's Quest. NY: Clarion/Houghton Mifflin.
-------------------. 2004. Project Mulberry. New York: Yearling.
Testa, Maria. 2007. Something About America. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick.
Woodson, Jacqueline. 2006. Miracle’s Boys. New York: Puffin.
Wynne-Jones, Tim. 2007. Rex Zero, King of Nothing. Toronto: Groundwood.

Text Sets
1. Holocaust/Genocide
Cha, Dia. 1996. Dia's Story Cloth. Stitched by Chiie Thao Cha  and Nhia Thao Cha (Illustrator). NY: Lee & Low.
Cheng, Andrea. 2004. Marika. Asheville, NC: Front Street.
Frank, Anne. 1995. The Diary of a Young Girl: the Definitive Edition. NY: Doubleday & Company.
Littlesugar, Amy. 2006. Willy and Max: A Holocaust Story. Illustrated by William Low. NY: Philomel.
McEwan, Ian. 1985. Rose Blanche. Illustrated by Roberto Innocenti. NY: Creative Company.
Mochizuki, Ken. 2003. Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara Story. Illustrated by Dom Lee. NY: Lee & Low.
Mochizuki, Ken. 2003. Pasaje a La Libertad / Passage to Freedom: La Historia De Chiune Sugihara / The True Story of Chiune Sugihara, the "Japanese Schindler". Translated by Esther Sarfatti. Illustrated by Dom Lee. NY: Lee & Low.

Schroeder, Peter. and Schroeder-Hildebrand, Dagmar. 2004. Six Million Paper Clips: The Making of a Children’s Holocaust Memorial. Minneapolis, MN: Kar-Ben Publishing.
Shea, Pegi Deitz. 1996. The Whispering Cloth: A Refugee's Story. Illustrated by Anita Riggio. Stitched by You Yang. Honesdale, PA: Boyd Mills Press.
Smith, Icy. 2010. Half Spoon of Rice: A Survival Story of the Cambodian Genocide. Illustrated by Sopaul Nhem. Manhattan Beach, CA: East West Discovery Press.
Watts, Irene W. 2008. Good-bye Marianne: A Story of Growing Up in Nazi Germany. Illustrated by Kathryn E. Shoemaker. Toronto, Ontario: Tundra Books.
Williams, Mary. 2006. Brothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan. Illustrated Gregory Christie. NY: Lee & Low.
Wiviott, Meg. 2010. Benno and the  Night of the Broken Glass. Illustrated by Josee Bisaillon. Minneappolis, MN: Kar-Ben Publishing.

2. Science
Bang, Molly. 1997. Common Ground: The Water, Earth, and Air We Share. NY: Bue Sky Press.
Bolden, Tonya. 2008. George Washington Carver. NY: Abrams Books.
Bruchac, Joseph. 2004. Rachel Carson: Preserving a Sense of Wonder. Illustrated by Thomas Locker. NY: Fulcrum.
Chin, Jason. 2009. Redwoods. NY: Flashpoint.
Guiberson, Bredna Z. 2009. Life in the Boreal Forest. Illustrated by Gennady Spirin. Toronto: Groundwood Books.
Kurlansky, Mark. 2001. The Cod's Tale. Illustrated by S.D. Schindler. NY: Putnam.
Lourie, Peter. 2009. Whaling Season: A Year in the Life of an Arctic Whale Scientist. NY: Houghton Mifflin.
Marrin, Albert. 2006. Saving the Buffalo. NY: Scholastic.
Montgomery, Sy. 2010. Kakapo Rescue: Saving the World's Strangest Parrot. Photographs by Nic Bishop. NY: Houghton Mifflin.
Pratt-Serafini, Kristin Joy. 1992. A Walk in the Rainforest. Nevada City,CA: Dawn Publication.

Roach, Mary. 2004. Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. NY: W.W. Norton & Company.
Sandler, Martin W. 2009. Secret Subway: The Fascinating Tale of an Amazing Feat of Engineering.  Washington DC: National Geographic Children's Books.
Sitarkski, Anita. 2007. Cold Light: Creatures, Discoveries, and Inventions that Glow. Honesdale, PA: boyds Mills Press.
Siy, Alexander. 2009. Cars on Mars: Roving the Red Planet. Watertown MA: Charlesbridge.
Turner, Pamela S. 2008. Life on Earth: An Astrobiologist's Quest. Watertown, MA: Charlesbridge.

Text to World
Bang, Molly. 2005. Nobody Particular: One Woman’s Fight to Save the Bays. White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green Publishing Company.
Ellis, Deborah. The Breadwinner Trilogy:
    2000. The Breadwinner. Toronto: Groundwood.
    2003.  Mud City.  Toronto: Groundwood
    2002.  Parvana’s Journey. Toronto: Groundwood.
Gonzalez, Christina. 2010. The Red Umbrella. NY: Knopf.
Krakow, Kari. 2002. The Harvey Milk Story. Illustrated by David Gardner. Annapolis, MD: Two Lives Publishing.
Sis, Peter. 2007. The Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain. NY: Farrar, Straus & Giroux.

Creating Visual Images.
Ellabbad, Mohieddine. 2006. The Illustrator’s Notebook. Toronto: Groundwood Books
Golio, Gary. 2010. Jimi Sounds Like a Rainbow: A Story of Young Jimi Hendrix. Illustrated by Javaka Steptoe. NY: Clarion.
Falconer, Shelley and Shawna White. 2007. Stone, Bones and Stitches: Storytelling through Inuit Art. Toronto, Ontario: Tundra Books.
Patton, Christopher. 2007. Jack Pine. Toronto: Groundwood Books.
Rylant, Cynthia. 1994. Something Permanent. Photographs by Walker Evans. Boston: Harcourt
Soto, Gary. 1995/2007. Canto familiar. Illustrated by Annika Nelson. Boston: Harcourt.
Winter, Jonah. 2009. Gertrude is Gertrude is Gertrude is Gertrude. NY: Antheneum.

Books That Cause Me To Ask Questions
Devolver al Remitente (Return to Sender Spanish Edition)Alvarez, Julia. 2010. Return to Sender. NY: Yearling.
----------------. 2010. Devolver al Remitente. NY: Yearling.
Ellis, Deborah. 2007. Jakeman. Markham, Ontario: Fitzhenry & Whiteside.
Glover, Savion, and Bruce Weber.  2000.  Savion:  My Life in Tap.  NY: Morrow.
Johnston, Tony. 2007. Bone By Bone By Bone. New Milford, CT: Roaring Brook Press.

Murray, Martine. 2003. The Slightly True Story of Cedar B. Hartley. NY: Levine/Scholastic.

Making Inferences
Awiakta, Marilou. 1983/2007. Rising Farm and the Fire Mystery. Illustrated by Beverly Bringle. Golden, CO: Fulcrum Publishing.
Cheng, Andrea.  2006.  Eclipse.  Asheville, NC: Front Street.
Curtis, Christopher Paul. 2007. Elijah of Buxton. NY: Scholastic Press.
Erdrich, Louise (Ojibbwe). 2006. The Game of Silence. NY: Harper Trophy.
----------------------------. 2002. The Birchbark House. NY: Hyperion.
Kerley, Barbara. 2010. The Extraordinary Mary Twain (according to Susy). Illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham. NY: Scholastic.
Meja Mwangi. 2006. Mzungu Boy. Toronto: Groundwood Books
Nelson, Marilyn. 2001. Carver: A Life in Poems. Asheville, NC: Front Street.
Phelan Matt. 2009. The Storm in the Barn. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick.

Determining Importance
Bash, Barbara. 2002. Ancient Ones: The World of the Old-Growth Douglas Fir. San Francisco, CA: Sierra Club.
Berry, Joy and Amnesty International.  2005. Mine & Yours: Human Rights for Kids. Illustrated by Nicole Richardson. PowerHouse Books.
Gore, Al. 2007. An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming, Rev. Ed. Adapted by Jane O’Connor. NY: Viking/Penguin.
Meltzer, Milton. 2003. Ten Queens: Portraits of Women of Power. Illustrated by Bethanne Anderson. NY: Dutton.
-----------------. 2002. Ten Kings and the Worlds They Rule. Illustrated by Bethanne Anderson. NY: Dutton.
Morley, David. 2006. Healing Our World: Inside Doctors without Borders. Markham, Ontario: Fitzhenry & Whiteside.
Roberts-Davis, Tanya. 2003. We Need to Go to School: Voices of the Rugmark Children. Toronto: Groundwood Books.
Schmandt-besserat, Denise. 1999. The History of Counting. Illustrated by Michael Hays. NY: HarperCollins.
Tanaka, Shelley. 2006. Climate Control. Toronto, Ontario: Groundwood Books.
Zalben, Jane Breskin. 2006. Paths to Peace: People Who Changed the World: People Who Changed the World. NY: Dutton.

Alexander, Elizabeth & Nelson, Marilyn. 2007. Miss Crandall's School for Young Ladies and Little Misses of Color. Illustrated by Floyd Cooper. Honesdale, PA: Wordsong.
Berry, Wendell. 2006. Andy Cartlett: Early Travels. Emmeryville, CA: Shoemaker & Hoard.
Mourlevat, Jean-Claude. 2006. The Pull of the Ocean. NY: Delacorte Books for Young Readers.
Skarmeta, Antonio. 2003. The Composition. Illustrated by Alfonso Ruano. Toronto: Groundwood Book.
Zhang, Ange. 2004. Red Land, Yellow River. Tornoto, Ontario: Groundwood Books.

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