Saturday, October 9, 2010

All You Need is Love...

I spent part of the day in Central Park shooting some images I might use for the Holden remix project.  I entered the Park @72nd Street and immediately came upon hundreds of people who stood shoulder to shoulder swaying and singing Beatles song after Beatles song.  I had figured there would be a crowd at the Imagine circle given that it had been John Lennon's birthday the day before (what would have been #70) but was surprised at the size of the crowd--one that did not abate during the three hours I was in the Park.

Give Peace a Chance. Collage by Mary Ann Reilly (2009).
There are a few events that were not personal that nonetheless carry with them significant emotional influence in my life. Certainly, the murder of John Lennon, is one. As I later stood across the street from the Dakota, I wanted so much to be able to turn back time and rewrite history.

Central Park. 10.9.10.

Central Park. 10.9.10


  1. Brought on chills and tears. Incredible collage. Thanks so much for sharing, Mary Ann. Would so love to see more of the images you captured during that moving experience.

  2. Odd Deb but it has been a difficult weekend. I did not expect to have so many feelings about John Lennon. Although I suspect it may have more to do with the idea that Lennon would have been 70, growing old and the like. Not sure I am reconciled to aging:)

  3. Yes, feelings like that can really take us by surprise. Perhaps it does have more to do with the aging thing. Then again it could be more a reaction to the power of the emotions you picked up on there. I remember the first time I stood on the grassy knoll in Dallas many years after the Kennedy assassination. I cried more then than when that horrible event transpired. When it had I was only a child, but I still remember the weight and hurt of that dreadful time. When I cried on that grassy knoll it was like I'd tapped into all the mourning that happened before at that very spot. Took me days to shake off the grief.

  4. yes i think you are on to something there Deb.


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