iPhone Images

Stonehenge (Aug, 2013)

Ok, it is not a Nikon, and perhaps that is what makes the images I make using my iPhone ever sweeter.  It's the camera that's always with me and it's the camera that makes me be up close to whatever image I am attempting. I have been experimenting with the phone camera and apps since January, 2012.  Here are a few favorites.

January 2012 (Sloatsburg, NY)

February 2012 (Cold Spring, NY)

February, 2012 (Bronx, NY)

Ringwood, NJ (March 2012)
April 2012 (Plymouth, England)
April 2012 (Plymouth, England)
May 2012 (Bronx, NY)
August 2013 (London, England. The Pub)
August, 2013 (London, England: Walking in Rain)
August, 2013 (Tuscany, Italy. The Road)
August 2013 (Florence, Italy. The Bike)
August 2013 (Augusta, N. Sunflower)
December  2013 (NYC. Times Square)

February 2014 (Newark, NJ. Cathedral)
March 2014 (NYC. At the Met)
April 2014 (Newark, NJ. Looking)

May 2014 (Wales. The Cemetery)
May 2014 (Wales. The Phone Call)

July 2014 (Mountainville, NY. Trees in Light)