Gallery: Europe

All images by Mary Ann Reilly

At the Sea  (Bae Caernarfon,Wales. May 2014. MA. Reilly)
Buildings, Mountains & Bay (Bae Caernarfon,Wales. May 2014. MA. Reilly)
A Certain Stillness (Bae Caernarfon, Wales. May 2014. M.A. Reilly).
Two Windmills (Bae Caernarfon,Wales. May 2014. M.A. Reilly)
Glow (Newquay, England, 2013)

The Sun is a Star (Stonehenge, England, 2013)

Layers (Montepulciano, Italy, 2013)

Houses (Montepulciano, Italy, 2013)

Celtic Sea (Newquay, England, 2013)

One Tree at Sunrise Montepulciano, Italy, 2013)
Keeping Watch (Plymouth, England, 2012)

Revolution (Plymouth, England, 2012)

At the Point (Plymouth, England, 2012)

Big Cloud (England, 2012)

Cypress and Birds (Tuscany, 2009)
Tuscan Dusk (Tuscany, 2009)
Something Like Gold (Tuscany, 2009)
Looking (Woman form Rome, originally from Russia, 2009)
A Curve in the Road (Tuscany, 2009)
Ménage à trois (Florence, 2009)

Looking, Again (Tuscany, 2009)

The Virgin (Siena, Italy, 2009)

The Color of a Dream I Had (Tuscany, 2009)

Gates (Sant'Anna in Caprena, Italy, 2009)

Ordinary Angels ((Dún Laoghaire, Ireland, 2008))

Crosses (Sant'Anna in Caprena, Italy, 2009)

Bowler (Dublin, 2008)

Between Here and There (Dublin, 2008)

Faith on the Street (Dublin, 2008)

On Grafton Street (Dublin,  2008)

Surfaced (Hot Springs in Tsucany, 2009)

What is Written (Sant'Anna in Caprena, Italy, 2009)

Off Grafton Street (Dublin, 2008)

Isle of Sky (Scotland, 2007)

Arriving (Atlantic Ocean, Ireland, 2008)

Grafton Street (Dublin 2008)

Galway Bay (Ireland, 2008)
The Lad (Dún Laoghaire, Ireland, 2008)
The West (Galway Bay, Ireland, 2008)

The East (Ireland, 2008)
Joyce (Grafton Street, Dublin, 2008)
The North (Northern Ireland, 2006)
Looking West (Scotland, 2006)
Sleep (Joyce Museum, Dún Laoghaire, Ireland, 2008)

Fleur (Florence, 2009)

Playing with Soul (Florence, 2009)

River Dream (Arno, Florence, 2009)

The Hospital Wing (Siena, 2009)

Wash Day (Siena, 2009)

Tuscan Moon (Italy, 2009)

Longing (Sant'Anna in Caprena, Italy, 2009)
Tapestry (Tuscany, 2009)

Ending (Tuscany, 2009)

Scottish Rain (Elgin, Scotland, 2006)

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