Sunday, May 3, 2020

4 New Face Masks: Notes from the Pandemic

After the Suburbs Mask

I designed some face masks this weekend. These are not for medical workers, but for those of us socially distancing. They are sold through Red Bubble. Click the link under each to purchase. I hope they bring joy.

Note: Redbubble is partnering with Heart to Heart International to donate a blank cloth mask for every mask sold on Redbubble. Heart to Heart works with volunteers, partners, and donors who make healthcare more accessible. They have launched international, domestic, and local responses to COVID-19. Donated masks will be given to people who are in line for drive-through testing before they get to the testing station. They will also be used in hospitals and clinics for non-frontline workers, including administrative staff and hospital workers who are delivering food to patients.

A Time for Governing Mask 

Live Brilliantly Mask

Woman Warrior Mask