Thursday, April 3, 2014

Visual Evidence of K- 2 Student Thinking: A Pictorial

2nd graders' explanation of the water cycle. (2014)

1st grader's explanation about a share text.

1st graders' vocabulary knowledge rating chart for science-based read aloud

Kindergarten children's thinking in response to Stealing Home.

2nd grades Frayer Model vocabulary wall chart

1st grader's journal entry.

2nd grader's independent project (self designed)
created in response to poetry book about Gee's Bend women quilters.
Kindergarten children work together to complete a concept sort.

Kindergarten children's mental images created in response to a heard poem.

Two 2nd graders' collaborative research report.

Word solving anchor cart from 2nd grade.

Kindergarten child's journal page.

2nd grader's response during read aloud.

Example of daily quote and students' interpretation from grade 2.
Close up of a 2nd grader's response to a posted quote.

Quote and interpretations from grade 2.

Two 2nd graders collaborating on a visualization and explanation task.

Two 2nd graders' initial noticing and wonderings as they preview a text.

2nd grader's explanation about goals related to read aloud book and then connected to his life.

2nd grader's explanation about a text.

Primary grade student's imitation of a Rothko painting.

1st grader's journal entry.

Kindergarten child's drawing and fact based on the read aloud book, Weird Friends.

Comparative chart made in kindergarten focusing on animal partnerships.

Kindergarten child's letter sorting.

Flip book illustrated by kindergarten child.

2nd grader's 4 square facts.

Interactive writing from 1st graders.

2nd grader sketching what he sees as he listens to the opening of a text.

1st graders determining their knowledge of ket vocabulary.
Art Conversation and poem created by 1st graders.

1st grader drawing before writing.  He is writing a before and after text.

1st grader composing in journal.

Kindergarten child's science observation.

1st grader checking a favorite book (North) to help him with his own composing.

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