Sunday, October 16, 2011

Easy Video: 4 Ways to Make Video in the Classroom

In this post I take a look at easy video makers.

First video was made using Xtranormal.

by: MaryAnnReilly2

Here is the one-minute video I made on Stupeflix.


This 30-second video, Fogbound, was made using Animoto. Again, images were imported from my Flickr account and I selected music from the Animoto site.

Create your own video slideshow at

This film I made in a tenth grade classroom last fall.  I made the images first, using newspaper and white and black gesso.  The idea was to demonstrate to the high school students that story can begin with image.  I tore newspaper and spilled the gesso, creating a series of images that I then photographed.  I imported the images into my MacBook and began to think about a poem that might accompany the images. Using iMovie I began to assembled the images and based on what I was seeing I started to write a poem.  I worked back and forth between the images and the poem I was writing.  As I worked I a started to think about the value of writing.  I completed th epoem and thought about how the words might be connected to the images. I then recorded the poem (using GarageBand) and used it as the background for the iMovie. The finished product took about 40 minutes to complete.


  1. Love the different message you get from each of the different platforms. Shows that rather than telling students which tool to use we should be giving them the freedom to select the program that best showcases their work.

  2. Yes , each tool let's you tell a story in a different manner. Choice is critical.