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Mary Ann Reilly is an artist and progressive educator who has worked as a K-12 teacher, director and assistant superintendent for urban public schools in New Jersey and oversees Blueprints for Learning, a consulting interest. Mary Ann has an earned doctorate in English Education from Columbia University. Her dissertation (1998) "Courting (in)Stability: A Post Structuralist Perspective on Language Arts Literacy Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development"  focused on complexity.

Mary Ann’s academic writing has been published widely, including articles in English Education, Language Arts, The Reading Teacher, Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, The Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, MultiCultural Review, Reading and Writing Quarterly, and Teacher Development. Her most recent publications include “Dressing the Corpse: Professional Development and the Play of Singularities” published in The Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy and “Restoring Points of Potentiality: Sideshadowing in Elementary Classrooms“ published in The Reading Teacher.

As an artist, her areas of specialty include black & white photography and collage. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Manhattan as well as locations throughout the United States.  Art, like teaching is about perspective and the capacity to recognize what has been present often without knowing. Each allows her the occasion to recast the familiar in new cloth, resituate understanding, and unsettle certainties.

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Conference Proceedings
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Published Articles in Refereed Journals
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Articles in Professional Journals (Not Refereed) 
Reilly, M.A. (2008). Gödel and the fallacy of “Scientifically Based Research”. Multicultural Review.17 (1), pp. 100-102.

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