#100 Day Project Creativity -2017, Part 4, Days 76-100

I am participating in the #100DayProject Creativity. Each day for no more than 20 minutes I will compose a face. To do this I might sketch, paint, collage, photograph, and/or digitally compose. I will be posting the image, date, media on the page. In 2014, I spent 100 days making a collage a day based on the news--most often from the New York Times. (You can see that project here and here) .

Below are Days 76-100.

Day 100 (Watercolor, pencil, digital remix)

Day 99 (Tombow markers, pencil, digital remix)

Day 98 (Back page from NY Times for July 4, 2017, Stabilo pencil, and digital remix)

Day 97 (pencil, gesso, digita remix)

Day 96 (Acrylic, marker, pencil)

Day 95 (Acrylic, marker, To=m box markers, pencil)

Day 94 (gesso, acrylic, pencil, digital remix)

Day 93 (Acrylic and pencil_

Day 92 (Acrylic, marker, pencil)

Day 91 (Acrylic paint, marker)

Day 90 (Tombow markers, gesso, pencil)

Day 89 (Tombow markers, gesso, pencil, digital remix)

Day 88 (Tombow markers, gesso, pencil)

Day 87 (pencil, digital remix)

Day 86 (acrylic, ink, watercolor, gesso, collage materials)

Day 85 (acrylic, watercolor, pencil)

Day 84 (Tombow markers)

Day 83 (watercolor, digital remix)

Day 82 (Tombow Markers, pencil)

Day 81 (pencil, Tombow Markers)

Day 80 (Acrylic Paint)

Day 79 (watercolor, digital remix)

Day 78 (watercolor, acrylic, digital remix)

Day 77 (watercolor, pencil, acrylic, digital remix)

Day 76 (Watercolor, pencil)

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